Cintia Segovia Figueroa was born and raised in Mexico City, where she worked in the entertainment industry. Learning English in the US as an adult gave her a unique perspective on the language’s nuances. Cintia employs video, performance and photography in the way the mass media does, using humor and wit to delve into issues of immigration, cultural stereotypes, identity and being bilingual. She received an MA from CSU Northridge and an MFA at CSU Long Beach. Her works have been exhibited in private galleries, universities and museums; Shanghai University, Autonomous University of Mexico, the Spartanburg Art Museum, Torrance Art Museum, Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, UC Santa Barbara, Orange Coast College and at the Mexican Consulate. Cintia’s works have been collected by the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, and the National Immigration Law Center.

Instagram: _cintiasegovia