Presidential candidates

I Am Worth It, I Am Going To Be The President of Mexico, 2020, video, 4:57

I explore the character of the latest female candidate to run for the presidency in Mexico, Margarita Zavala de Calderón, the wife of former President Felipe Calderón. The video articulates her frustration with the machismo in Mexico as well as public concerns about her husband’s alleged alcoholism, and his escalation of bloodshed in Mexico through his war against the drug cartels, all of which would play significant roles in her unsuccessful campaign. Through humor and sarcasm, the video presents the challenges of a female candidate and proposes alternatives using amulets and potions.  

we come to talk about impossible things because too much has been said about what’s possible, 2021, photocollage,
7 2/3 x 10 in

This is a portrait of Marichuy, an independent presidential candidate backed by many indigenous groups. She was popular in rural areas of Mexico, where the internet is almost nonexistent and formal education is a privilege—her registration as a candidate was denied as the electoral system only accepts digital signatures.