Juror of the photography exhibition at the Yeiser Art Center

As the juror Art Through The Lens 2023 exhibition, I selected 53 works out of 653 submissions from thirty-five U.S. states along with two other countries. Originating in 1975 as the Paducah Summer Festival Photo Competition, Paducah Photo has grown from a fledgling contest into an international juried exhibition. Over the past 40+ years, this exhibition has become one of the Mid-South’s most prestigious annual photographic events.

“Artist Cintia Segovia Figueroa makes sense of the world through her work”

Constance Alexander, columnist, poet and playwright wrote a profile article in the Northern Kentucky Review. Here’s an excerpt: ““Sometimes I get myself into too many things and then I regret it.” Despite her admission, artist Cintia Segovia Figueroa’s tone of voice is calm, with an undercurrent of amusement at her lack of remorse for the curiosity that compels her to explore complex ideas.”

Celebrating the Art and Culture of Kentucky

The Kentucky Arts Council provided me with a Partnership Grant for serving as moderator during Celebrating the Art and Culture of Kentucky, an online interview series of three sessions in May 2023. The series highlights the lives of artists from culturally diverse backgrounds who contribute daily to the state’s artistic heritage and legacy. Our Kentucky Home: A conversation with Hispanic/Latin American artists of Kentucky. Featuring Lexington visual artists, quilters, folk and traditional arts apprenticeship participants Mercedes Harn and Deyanira Esmeralda Martin, of Lexington, and host Cintia Segovia of Murray. I also had the opportunity to chat with members of one of Kentuckians’ favorite bands, Appalatin. In a conversation with bandmates Yani Vozos, Luis de Leon, and Fernando Moya, as they discuss the band’s journey of creating music that bridges Latin and American folk traditions. Another one was, a conversation with artists Fred Nez-Keams of Harrodsburg and Jannette Parent of Princeton. Both artists were featured in the Kentucky Arts Council’s traveling exhibit “Native Reflections: Visual Art by American Indians of Kentucky.”

Promotion for the conversation I hosted with quilters Mercedes Harn and Deyanira Esmeralda Martin about what they have brought to the traditional art of quilting. 

Where Does Photography Curricula Go From Here? Broadening the Conversation – Workshop and Presentation

Workshop and presentation at 2023 Society for Photographic Education Annual Conference

Friday, March 17 – 9:00AM to 10:45AM Grand Ballroom I

Since January 2021, the Photography Curriculum Focus Group has identified changes in the field of photography and needed modifications within photography curricula to best prepare our next generation of undergraduate students for future photography practice. In this workshop, 40 participants will be asked to identify their institution-specific trends and specific curricular reformations believed to best enhance student recruitment, retention, and professional development. Workshop facilitators will assign participants into breakout groups based on type of institution and photography program, to review their photography programs to identify common institution-specific strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for improvements, and foreseeable challenges.

Lindsay Godin, Christopher Kern, Tracy Longley-Cook, Julie Jones, Cintia Segovia Figueroa, Sarah Cusimano Miles

The Photography Curriculum Focus Group presenting at the 2023 Society for Photographic Education Annual Conference

MSU Gender Equity Caucus Celebrates International Women’s Day with Bodily Autonomy Panel

Interview in WKMS radio
March 8th, 2023

The Murray State University Gender Equity Caucus (previously the Women’s Faculty Caucus) presents a women’s health panel this afternoon titled “Bodily Autonomy: Women, Resilience, and Resistance in the Bluegrass State.” Asia Burnett speaks to caucus president Sara Cooper and International Women sub-committee co-chair Cintia Segovia Figueroa ahead of the event.

“One of the questions we will be asking today to our panelists, and that’s why you should come today to see the event, is how we as members of the community protect ourselves when we see that the community work is so draining,” Figueroa adds. “How do we traverse these very difficult waters where we put ourselves on the line emotionally or maybe physically? That is one of the tools that I think we’ll take away today.”

Our Kentucky Home: Hispanic/Latin American Visual Art in the Commonwealth

Traveling exhibition
Presented by the Kentucky Arts Council
November 19th, 2021-February 5th 2023

The Kentucky Arts Council, in partnership with alDía en América and Casa de la Cultura Kentucky, invited Hispanic, Latinx and Latin American Kentuckians to share their visual art. A panel of Hispanic/Latinx Kentuckians and other cultural specialists selected works to include in this exhibit, which they named Nuestro hogar Kentucky, Our Kentucky Home.

Goals of the exhibit are to share Hispanic/Latin American/Latinx experiences in the commonwealth today, demonstrate diversity through diverse media, styles and themes and recognize the dynamic expressions these Kentuckians contribute to our cultural landscape.

Artist panel discussion with selected artists.
Wednesday, March 16, 2022
10 am EST / 8 am PST

Cintia Segovia at the Kentucky Center
Photograph with Kentucky representative 2017-2022 Attica Scott from Louisville at the Kentucky Center

BIPOC show features nearly 40 artists’ work, on display during Flint ARTWALK

May 12, 2022

All of the concepts speak to the diverse processes and ways of making art that exemplifies celebration, the appreciation of self and audacity.

The audacity of these artists to explore their inner thoughts through visual means while existing in a society that perpetually mishandles the unique voice and perspective of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) individuals, Buie said.

The artists in this exhibition continue to find ways to make their voices known regardless of stereotypes and stigmas, Buie said, along with the hidden barriers/burdens placed upon their shoulders, all for the sake of visual expression.

Installation shot – The exhibited video is on the right hand side.

Murray to Host “Our Kentucky Home,” Traveling Exhibit Highlighting Hispanic and Latin American Art in the Commonwealth

Interview in WKMS radio
January 20, 2023

The Murray Art Guild has been selected as one of several venues across Kentucky to host the Kentucky Arts Council’s traveling exhibit, Our Kentucky Home: Hispanic/Latin American Visual Art in the Commonwealth. MAG director Debi Henry Danielson and MSU Assistant Professor of Photography Cintia Segovia Figueroa speak to Tracy Ross about the exhibit.

“While Figueroa’s work highlights contrast, other pieces focus on different elements. “The exhibition doesn’t treat the Latinos as one monolithic culture,” Figueroa explains. “It allows for the multiplicity of realities in the way of how the media is used but also the themes and the relationship to these new experiences.””

Almost Presidential: An online project

Online project
Presented by the Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion
Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, California

Click here to watch “I Am Worth It, I Will Be Mexico’s President”, the video I made for this project

Almost Presidential presents new work by six artists who examine the American political landscape from an unfamiliar angle.
Featuring sculpture, drawing, photography, installation, and video by Pio AbadDeborah AschheimMatthew Brannon, and Cintia Segovia, and project curators Marisa J. Futernick and Rebecca SittlerAlmost Presidential highlights artists whose previous bodies of work have challenged the visual and rhetorical representations of former presidents and their legacies.

In the run-up to the 2020 U.S. Federal election, Almost Presidential looks at vice presidents and failed presidential candidates, investigating names forgotten to history, or reduced to one-liners or supporting roles outside the spotlight. Presenting a timely exploration of political rhetoric, failure, and gendered dynamics within political systems in the U.S. and beyond, including Mexico and the Philippines, these six artists combine fiction and historical fact into an active survey of political material, text, and image.

Artist panel discussion
Thursday, October 1, 2020
12noon–1pm PDT / 3–4pm EDT / 8–9pm BST
Watch the recording here

LA Times coverage

This online project will also include a special film, to be released at the end of October 2020, ahead of Election Day.

Screenshot from video by Cintia Segovia

L.A. Mise-En-Scène Video Art Festival * Tarot 3

Online project
Presented by L.A. Art Documents

Click here to watch the video in this festival “Soy De Aquí Y Soy De Allá”

L.A. Mise-en-scène Video Art Festival, an online exhibition featuring experimental video art works curated by the producers of L.A. Art Documents, Jason Jenn and Vojislav Radovanović. The title and conceit of the show uses the film industry and its terminology “mise-en-scène” to create a cohesive through line for the varied works. Mise-en-scène is a film-making term that translates originally from French to “placing on stage”. It is used academically to describe the arrangement of everything that appears in the framing of the camera – actors, lighting, décor, props, costumes. Together these elements convey the important visual storytelling aspects of cinema. 

The theme of 2020’s festival is TAROT and each week a new program consisting of around 10 video art pieces will be presented as a Reading, with the videos representing the cards in a classic tarot spread. Three weeks = three different Programs/Readings. What fortunes will be revealed between September 1-20?

‘8 by 8’ – Feminist Art Exhibition in UC Santa Barbara

Group exhibition
Presented by Glass Box Gallery at UC Santa Barbara
March9th to March 13th, 2020

Click here to see the works in this exhibition

8 by 8  is an intersectional multi-media group exhibition that celebrates International Women’s Day on March 8th  and features 8 women artists who live in California and have international backgrounds. The works explore experiences of being a woman and/or living between two cultures. 

In an era of constant threats to multicultural values and women’s rights, this exhibition aims to create a space for sororidad, sisterhood and mutual support, for creative practices and values. Through art, these 8 artists respond to personal experiences and those of their communities in an intersectional approach to feminism that challenges viewers both critically and creatively. With works that range from overtly political to subtly poetic, they address issues of identity as well as larger global and social issues such as exile, sexism, and women’s rights.

“Revolucionaria,” “Lo Que Me Hubiera Gustado Ser A Los 8 Anos,” “Guadalupe”

What She Said Living in Dystopia

Group exhibition
Presented by Association of Hysteric Curators at ace/121 Gallery
January 17 – March 13, 2020
Opening Reception: January 17th 6-9 pm

Click here to see “Revolucionaria” and “Guadalupe” in display in this exhibition

Throughout time and across all cultures women have held the role of prophet, oracle, seer, and diviner. Their stories warned us where our society was heading. In exchange for their wisdom they have been banned and burned, but also revered and channeled. She never stopped speaking and we never stopped listening.  Sometimes it is a whisper and sometimes it is a shout.

The Exhibition “What She Said” includes 2D, 3D, and performance art, as well as free public programming. The show places focus on feminist strategies that address our current dystopian reality. “What She Said,” starts with the premise that extreme circumstances create fertile ground for visionary speculation. Many of the artists in the show address direct relationships between the vessel of the body as a channel for divinity, trauma, transmutation, birth and death. The artwork in the show addresses the way an oracular vision speaks to society today in a digital culture, integrating gazes, voices, and experiences.

“What She Said” features work by Lili Bernard, Annie Buckley, Cherie Benner Davis, Carolyn ño, Nancy Evans, Scarlett Kim and Maya Mackrandilal, Marne Lucas aka CuntemporaryArtist, Silvi Naçi, Mary Anna Pomonis, Cintia Segovia, Allison Stewart, Emily Sudd, Camilla Taylor, Paula Wilson, Jessica Wimbley, Michiko Yao, Caroline Yoo, and Dajin Yoon

Repeat After Me / Repitan Después De Mí

Solo show
Presented by University of Dayton
January 24 – February 14, 2021

“Cintia Segovia’s multi-media artwork uses critical humor and sharp wit to reveal issues around identity, capitalism, language and gender. She visits us at a critical time in the national climate, when art can serve to both dissipate and intensify conversations about citizenship and belonging. Her curious devices and comical images collide within a participatory installation that offers a space for reflection on specific cultural stereotypes that converge over, around, and across the world’s busiest international border. ” – Glenna Jennings, curator

LAMAG – Juried Exhibition 2018

Group exhibition
Presented by Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery
July 26 – September 16, 2018

Click here to watch the video selected for this exhibition

The Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery is pleased to announce Juried Exhibition 2018, a group exhibition introducing a new generation of Los Angeles artists. Featuring students and recent graduates from the region’s leading MFA programs, the works in the exhibition encompass a variety of media, including performance, video, sculpture, painting, ceramics, photography, and installation. This large-scale exhibition takes the pulse of contemporary art practice in the city.

Artists were selected from an open call for entries by a jury comprising Jonathan Griffin, art critic; Jamillah James, Curator, Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; and Steven Nelson, Professor of African and African American Art History, UCLA. The 2018 edition of the juried exhibition builds on the legacy of this pioneering exhibition, which historically has provided a platform for emerging artists in Southern California since 1953.